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Reservations are being accepted on our future trained dogs! View our Puppies page to see upcoming litters. Then reach out to us here to learn more about the reservation process and receive notifications regarding future available trained dogs.

About our Trained Dog Program

You deserve a fully trained dog who can do anything you ask. Whether you are dreaming of a  dog to perform tricks, swim safely with you, volunteer as a therapy dog, or simply snuggle in your lap, we can help!

Bringing a new puppy home can be exciting and fun, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Puppy training requires a great deal of time that you may not have. You can purchase a dog that is potty trained, follows commands, sleeps through the night, is able to wait safely in a crate when you are not home, and is well-mannered. 

Our trained dogs are hand-selected as puppies. We keep what we feel are the best two dogs from each litter that we breed and we train them in our home. These dogs are then sold as fully trained dogs or we keep them in our breeding program. Dogs are selected based on their outstanding health, temperament, physical characteristics, and the quality of their coat.  We look for puppies with confidence and adaptability that will allow for accelerated skill acquisition and an easy transition to your home after completion of training. 

We ensure that both you and your dog are prepared for successful carryover of learned skills.  As a fully trained dog owner, you can rest assured that the stage has been set for your dog’s best life. 

Trained dogs range in purchase price depending on age and skills mastered, but most commonly are sold for $12,000 at around five months of age (or when their training goals have been met). The sale price includes the cost of spay/neuter and healthcare/vaccines that are completed during the training period. It also includes phone, text and/or Facetime support to assist with the transition to the dog's new home.

Beau is SOLD!

Beau was born August 7, 2021 and is the dapper son of our super soft and sweet Poppy and our pride and joy stud Jet. We held him in our program for consideration as a breeding stud or as a member of our fully trained dog program. He has passed his health testing and would be considered our "pick of the litter." The bad news for us is that his testicles did not descend to where we needed them to be...that's sure awkward to discuss we know...but it is of no concern to an AMAZING dog that is now fully neutered. The VERY good news is that he is now available to a new Best Friend as our next fully trained dog! 

Both of Jet's parents are exactly 28 pounds and 16.5" at the shoulder, so we expect his adult size to be nearly the same, but possibly a little larger.  Jet and Poppy both have very low maintenance wavy but not too curly coats that are smooth and silk and Beau is the lucky recipient of our finest coat we have ever bred. It's a memorable experience just to run your hand over his silky smooth ears. Beau is a deep red with a white mark on his chin and chest that give him just the right amount of handsome personality. His stocky conformation, short snout, and black button nose make him a teddy bear's twin.  He has been calm and quiet since day one and has the sweetest temperament. He is confident but not bossy as he plays with other dogs and will lean more toward submissive when playing with a dominant personality dog. He absolutely adores people and stays nearby responsibly. He is a little shadow as follows us from room to room without even being asked. 

Beau sleeps through the night, is potty and crate trained, sits and waits patiently for a treat, and responds to sit, stay, and rollover commands. He responsibly attends to his handler and comes when called 100% of the time! Beau is adored by all who come in contact with him. His quiet demeanor makes everyone just want to pick him up for a sweet snuggle. He enjoys grooming and a good romp in the yard. He is very well behaved in the car. Beau is an attentive quick learner and we suspect that he will be able to learn many more fun tricks throughout his life. He is an "up for anything" kind of guy as well as a "snuggle on the couch when you want to" kind of pal. Beau does not have any bad habits. He is fully leash trained and is ready and eager to bond with a new Best Friend! 


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Recently Found a Best Friend

Mylah (now Keeva) is SOLD!

Mylah was born July 26, 2021 and is the darling daughter of our smart Summertime and our pride and joy stud Jet. We held her in our program for consideration as a breeding Momma or as a member of our fully trained dog program. Mylah has passed her health testing and would be considered our "pick of the litter." She truly has no faults, but we have decided to make her available because Christmas is coming so we just can't resist making her available for an amazing family...and the truth is, we have more puppies on the way soon! 

Mylah's adult weight will be around 32 pounds and she should be around 18" tall at the top of her shoulder. She has a nice lightweight build and a bouncy walk. We think her white chin and chest and her one white foot on her deep red coat... are as yummy as whip cream on a red velvet cake! Those eyes!  Her Momma's gorgeous light brown eyes with her Daddy's teddy bear black nose just made her too cute for words!

Mylah sleeps through the night, is crate trained, sits and waits patiently for a treat, and responds to sit, stay, and rollover commands. She has outstanding eye contact and comes when called 100% of the time! Mylah simply loves people and gets along incredibly well with other dogs. She also enjoys grooming and a good romp in the yard. Car rides are her favorite! She shows confidence and curiosity but knows healthy boundaries and responds to her handler for direction as needed when encountering new experiences. She will bark only when appropriate and does not have any bad habits. She is beginning advanced level training now to master the foundational skills she has been learning and will be leash trained and ready to bond with her new Best Friend soon! 

Mylah can be ready to put under your tree on Christmas morning! 

Max is SOLD!

Learn More About Max Here

Max was born on January 25th, 2021. His adult weight should be around 35 lbs. He comes with a three-year health guarantee, up-to-date vaccine and worming records, and documentation from his recent well-dog health check-up. 

Max is truly the sweetest boy! He loves ear and belly rubs, and has never shown aggression in any way. He is calm and well-behaved around children and older people as well. He has a gorgeous soft coat that requires very little maintenance. He can keep up with an active owner or be lazy all day and is truly an all-around enjoyable dog!

Max is: 

  • Fully potty trained and rings a bell to let you know he needs to go outside
  • Neutered
  • Social and friendly with people and other dogs
  • Kind, respectful, and polite

Max can:

  • Maintain great attention to his handler
  • Sit on command
  • Give high fives
  • Rollover on command
  • Be easily motivated by treats or toys
  • Participate in fetch and happy tumble play with a variety of people and dogs
  • Sleep through the night in his crate
  • Willingly retreat to his crate during the day for long naps
  • Patiently wait in a crate in his owner's absence. You can go to work or attend an outing and know that he is resting quietly and eagerly awaiting your return.
  • Walk on a leash and ignore distractions appropriately

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