What does YOUR Best Life Look Like?

Living your Best Life with your dog should include anything from performing tricks to entertain the family, swimming safely with your dog in a backyard pool, volunteering with your therapy dog, or simply snuggling up for a nap.

You choose the goals and our trainer, John Bautz, will help you and your dog meet them! Custom training programs can include: 

  • Full boarding service Puppy Foundation Training for potty, sleep, and crate training, with basic commands 
  • Full boarding service Remediation Training for dogs experiencing trouble and needing a reset
  • One on one sessions with demonstration, coaching, and plenty of time for questions at a frequency that works for you
  • In-home visits or Virtual Visits through Zoom to assist with carryover or troubleshoot any home environment or specific caregiver obstacles

We know there are a lot of options for dog training. Owning a dog shouldn't be confusing or overwhelming. Group puppy or dog training classes can pose health and safety risks for your dog and leave you with unanswered questions. With John as your dog training guide, you and your dog will have access to:

  • A clean and safe private training facility in Peotone, Illinois 
  • OPTIONS in training- This is not a one size fits all program. We design a program that fits both your dog's needs and your budget.
  • Opportunity to socialize your dog with John's HEALTHY, WELL-TRAINED dogs that can set the standard and be a positive influence on your pup
  • John's undivided attention, so you can ask ALL of the questions you want to ask
  • Full focus on YOUR dog instead of a group of dogs in training and their various needs
  • Techniques, Rewards, and Trouble Shooting that are meaningful and motivating to YOUR dog
  • Demonstration videos to encourage consistency among all caregivers
  • Individualized Guidance that fits YOUR level of confidence, interest, and experience

John has trained both dogs and horses for more than 20 years, using his innate ability to communicate with animals. His connection with animals can only be described as a gift that very few people are born with. He intuitively understands what motivates them and what drives their behavior. His wife Janis brings her background in behavior analysis to the training plan with consultation and narrated training videos for deeper understanding. The combination of research-proven behavior modification strategies paired with perfectly timed and customized techniques is what makes Best Life Dog Training Unique. We support the building of great relationships between dogs and owners through fun interactive activities that promote positive communication.

Happy Dogs are Loyal Dogs and we believe you deserve both!  

Training Program Options and Pricing

Puppy Foundation Training for a Successful Start

Foundation Training helps your pup learn foundational skills that will be built upon throughout life. These beginning skills will form a communication system that enables your dog to pick up a multitude of skills quickly without frustration and with maximum success. Success in training builds your puppy's confidence and helps you bond with your dog as you too feel great about each accomplishment. When training goes well, owners remain positive and avoid interactions that may deter the pup from forming a healthy relationship with it's new family. It is important for your pup to develop these foundation skills as early as possible. Many breeders, including Best Life Labradoodles, beginning working on pre-foundation skills long before the pup arrives at your family home. To optimize success, Best Life offers an intensive Foundation Training program. A pup in Foundation Training receives 24/7 training for 2-4 weeks, depending on the agreed upon goals and each owner's preference. Foundation Training cost is $750 per week. If you are feeding your dog Life's Abundance, food will be provided. Owners will stay for a one hour training and introduction to the program on day one and can return for an additional one hour of practice each week. We'll also provide some time for you to socialize with your dog after the training time is completed. Photos and short instructional videos of your own dog in action will be sent frequently throughout the week. Dogs who spend three weeks in Foundational Training typically go home with the ability to:

  • communicate with you, and to look to you for direction
  • sleep through the night
  • spend time in a crate safely and without distress
  • sit on command
  • experience little to no "potty" accidents
  • respond to the activity level of those around them
  • appropriately ignore distractions and attend to their owner
  • socialize with other dogs and humans and a positive manner
  • Additional goals that can be achieved if you have specific dreams for your dog's Best Life in your home.
Remediation Training for Dogs Experiencing Difficulties

There are many reasons that a dog's training may fall off course. Re-homing, an unexpected traumatic event, lack of time to achieve strong foundational skills, as well as genetic disposition can impact each dog's success. If your dog is struggling to successfully fit into your home and your family's routine, we can help! Dogs in our Remediation program are in training 24/7 during their time with us. Our priority is to develop a schedule that matches your routine at home and make sure your dog can be succesful upon return. Remediation Training cost is $850 per week. If you are feeding your dog Life's Abundance, food will be provided. This program allows for pre-program consultation to set specific goals based on your hopes for your pup.

Private Dog Training Lessons
We know puppy training can be difficult. It requires time and patience and a full understanding of your puppy's needs. We want you to LOVE training and spending time with your dog, so we make sure that happens.

We will work with you to set goals that are meaningful and specific to you and your family and then we'll address them with you one-on-one so you and your dog can have our full attention. We will help your pup develop a set of skills that will ensure success while addressing any questions or challenges that you bring to us each week.

Some owners enjoy participating in each lesson and others find it easier to drop their dog off and return at the end of the dog's lesson for communication with the trainer and answers that can help at home. Private training is typically a one hour $70 session. However, if you prefer to drop off for a longer period of time, your dog will be safely boarded before or after their lesson to allow lessons to conveniently fit into your schedule.
Group Puppy or Dog Training
Best Life Training believes that SUCCESS and POSITIVE experiences from the start are critical. We also believe dogs need to socialize with other dogs and people in order to develop an easy-going adaptable demeanor. We do not offer group puppy or dog lessons because we believe there is great risk in exposing your dog to others that may have bad habits such as barking, aggression, or anxiety, especially at a very impressionable age.

We DO offer the opportunity to participate in a lesson scheduled with another dog that we have trained and we trust, and/or to socialize with our own highly trained dogs. This makes it very likely that your dog will have very positive experiences that will allow the development of confidence and comfort in future social interactions. Lessons scheduled for this purpose are priced at $70 per hour. Owners will participate in these sessions and there will be ample time for questions and demonstration.
Tune-up, Level-Up, or Fine-Tuning Training

Sometimes families want to refresh their dog's training or get things back on track if the family has been busy and and unable to offer as much attention as usual. Sometimes owners just want to take their dog's training to the "next level" to teach a special skill. Families will often consider Tune-Up or Fine-Tuning training while they are on vacation. This allows the dog a highly engaging boarding experience to stay busy while they are away. Think of it like Camp for Dogs! Fine-Tuning Training can sometimes be needed when a dog matures and gains more independence or an extended ability to consider behavior options other than compliance. Level-Up Training is an option for families who need their dog to learn a specific skill or set of skills, or for owners who want to pursue therapy dog certification and need support in preparing for the certification test. Tune-up, Level-up, or Fine-Tuning Training cost is $850 per week. If you are feeding your dog Life's Abundance, food will be provided. This program allows for pre-program consultation to set specific goals based on your hopes for your pup.

In-Home and Other Training Program Options

Many owners feel very confident in providing the majority of their dog's training on their own. If you feel confident, there is no better person to teach your dog and to celebrate with your dog as each skill is mastered! This is why we offer single private consultation visits instead of package deals that require a substantial commitment of time and financial investment that you might not be able to offer or even need. You may occasionally run into an obstacle or a setback. Private single visit consultation allows you to receive the guidance you may need, only when you need it, at your convenience. Individual consultation can be conducted via Zoom video conferencing or at our facility. If requested, training in your own home to address specific issues in the setting where the behavior occurs can be provided. Consultation in person is $70 per hour. Zoom video conference consultation is available at $35 per half hour. In-home visits are $70 per hour and will incur a minimum $70 travel fee. Additional costs may apply depending on distance and travel expenses. 

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Best Life Labradoodles training facility is located just 45 min from downtown Chicago, just off of I-57. Puppy "Stork" services are available for those who are unable to travel for puppy pick up. Virtual training and nutrition consultation via Zoom conference call is also available.

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