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Hilltop Jet Life -Registered Stud: WALA00023520 ALAA-107400
Caramel Australian Labradoodle


Mini Australian Labradoodle


Australian Heritage All the Good Mojo: Registered Stud WALA00067582 ALAA-102775
Phantom Australian Labradoodle


Moonlit Acres Ever the True Blue Kangaroo: Registered WALA00075857 ALAA-111548
Caramel Australian Labradoodle


Riverbend Cheerful Poppy: Registered WALA00019054 ALAA-122492
Phantom Australian Labradoodle stud dog


Standard Australian Labradoodle


Riverbend She’s a Birkin Baby Registered WALA00066536 ALAA-127560
Roan Australian Labradoodle

Ember: Future Breeder

Best Life One to Remember: Registered WALA00080696 ALAA-115691
Mini Australian Labradoodle


Best Life Put Her in Your Pocket Kangaroo: Registered WALA00081207 ALAA-116196
Mini Australian labradoodle


Best life Good morning gucci: Registered WALA00082894 ALAA-117913
Caramel Australian Labradoodle

Best Life Reminiscing the Good Times: Registered WALA00086862 ALAA-121533

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle, often certified for service and therapy work, is not to be confused with the Aussie-Doodle, Labradoodle, or any other more recently bred and named combination. Named in the country of Australia, where it originated over 30 years ago, the breed was originally developed in pursuit of an allergy-friendly service dog.

Through the careful infusion of not two, but six breeds, each offering specific highly valued inherited traits, the original dream-dogs were born. This resulted in the inheritance of highly coveted traits that were demonstrated in other breeds but rarely found together in one dog.

After multiple generations of breeding, today’s responsibly bred Australian Labradoodle has

  • A soft, non-oily low or non-shedding coat
  • A reliable flexible temperament
  • A genetically inherited high probability for a long and happy life
  • A loyal and affectionate personality
  • Intelligence that is easy to train
  • A genuinely happy, easy-going vibe
  • Effortless, smooth motion and coordination
  • Great looks that turn heads wherever they go!

While most doodle mixes have been bred for a comparatively short period of time, this long list of desirable traits has been responsibly maintained for multiple generations in the Australian Labradoodle.

This is not your standard doodle-mix, this is the esteemed Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle. This is a breed that reliably allows owners to expect and trust that their loyal family member will be admired by all.

Price, Frequently Asked Questions, and More

How have Australian Labradoodle breeders produced such consistently great animals for decades?

How have Australian Labradoodle breeders produced such consistently great animals for decades?


Australian Labradoodle breeders prioritize choices that support great health. The integrity of the breeding selection process allows this breed to stand out from other variant breeds that were more recently developed. As poodle-mix dog combinations have understandably grown in popularity due to interest in a non-shedding pet, inconsistencies have developed. Non-regulated breeding without extensive genetic testing or attention to important actions that reduce health risks often pose safety risks, high veterinarian bills, and unnecessary stress for families. This can result in a situation where buyers unexpectedly find themselves with a difficult to manage dog in the home. 

Australian Labradoodle breeding is responsibly managed by members of the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). Accredited breeder members of WALA must adhere to rules and guidelines that are designed to protect the health and behavior of what we believe are the best dogs on the planet.

WALA accreditation is reviewed and renewed annually, as reflected on each member’s WALA logo, for ongoing accountability. Members must adhere to bylaws as well as a code of ethics. They also receive extensive support, education, and resources to further ensure the integrity of the breed. 

What is the difference between non-accredited breeders and Best Life Labradoodles?

We invest in extensive testing and maintain processes to create GREAT pups, so we can send families home with a healthy puppy who is not just cute but can contribute to your life in more ways than you can even imagine. 
Best Life Labradoodles:

  • Is Accredited by the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) and the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (AALA)
  • Completes temperament testing to reduce risk for potential undesirable behaviors
  • Implements extensive testing for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, genetically inherited diseases or defects, and eye disorders that may cause vision issues later in life. We also contribute our testing to research and registries that support future healthy breeding.
  • Maintains strict health protocols to ensure all breeding parents are given the best opportunity for healthy breeding experiences and all pups are given the best opportunity for a healthy start on life
  • Provides the beginning stages of potty training and foundation puppy skills during their first two months of life.
  • Offers optional intensive foundation training to get your pup started on the right path with potty training, crate training, sleeping through the night, traveling in cars, socializing with people and dogs, leash walking, and more.
  • Commits to feeding only the best in nutrition: Life’s Abundance dog food and treats. Their safe and reliable processes offer the best quality nutrition. This ensures quality of ingredients and a protected formula for the specific nutrition needed at each stage of your dog’s life, which sets the stage for optimal brain development and overall health.
  • Completes all recommended vaccines, worming treatment, flea and tick treatment, heart worming, dental care, ear cleaning, and regular nail and coat care for all animals in our breeding program
  • Reviews and verifies testing results for all parent dogs that are utilized in our program
  • Researches parent dog ancestry to ensure the integrity of a healthy breeding program
  • Maintains records, pedigrees, and registration for all parent dogs and pups
  • Provides a two-year minimum health guarantee (with an optional extension plan)
  • Assumes responsibility for requested re-homing for families with life changes that prevent them from keeping their pup for the extent of the dog’s life and commits to NEVER placing puppies in shelters, pet stores, or in the hands of any wholesale buyer. We place pups only in homes we know we can trust.
  • Provides support for new puppy owners to ensure great health and a successful transition to their family home
  • Conducts breeding and training services in a home setting that follows important health and sanitation protocols to protect both parent and puppy health
  • Commits to community education for better understanding of the Australian Labradoodle breed as well as the importance of reputable breeding
  • Microchips and maintains records for all dog parents and puppies
  • Responsibly screens all buyers to ensure a safe and successful lifelong placement for each puppy
  • Provides the highest quality and most ethical care for all animals participating in our breeding and training programs
  • Respects all provisions of the WALA and ALAA Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations with complete dedication to preserving the future of not only our puppies but also preserving the potential for healthy future generations of puppies that will result from our breeding practices
  • Engages in continuing education because our learning is never done
  • Consults with other reputable breeders to both mentor and receive mentoring support that provides each puppy with the collective knowledge of individuals who are excellent at what they do!
  • Does not hesitate to seek the support of multiple specialists as needed, because our dogs deserve the best care available from the most knowledgeable and reputable sources in the field
  • LOVES every dog and pup like a family member
  • Intends to provide you with a pup you can brag about and become a trusted source for your future puppy family members that you can confidently recommend
Pricing and Summary of the Purchase Contract Terms:
  • $3200 plus Illinois sales tax
  • $500 non-refundable deposit to be applied to the remaining amount due
  • Spay/Neuter is required by legal agreement; it is not optional
  • If at any point you are unable to care for your puppy, it must be returned to Best Life Labradoodles; sending your dog to a shelter is not an option
  • The buyer must purchase the dog for their own family; resale is not permitted
  • Payment options: Venmo, Cash, or Check
The Puppy Selection Process at Best Life Labradoodles

Your vision of a perfect puppy most likely has a certain look or personality. We take puppy/family matching very seriously and will consider all of your requests to assist you in finding a dog that will be able to live it’s best life, while contributing to yours for many years to come. You can trust that your priorities are ours.

Can We Deliver to Other States?

“Stork” delivery may available, depending on location, for those unable to pick up their puppy in Mokena, IL. A $500 fee plus agreed-upon travel expenses will apply. We are sorry but we are unable to transport our pups outside the US. 

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