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Breezy (Violet x Clark)

Francis (Violet x Clark)

Winston (Violet x Clark)

Breezy (Violet x Clark)

Frannie (Violet x Clark)

Sadie (Violet x Clark)

2020 Violet x Clark Litter

Cooper (Summertime x Hudson)

Murphy (Summertime x Hudson)

Ziggy (Summertime x Hudson)

Teddy (Summertime x Jet)

Rooster (Summertime x Hudson)

Mylah (Summertime x Jet)

Murphy (Poppy x Jet)

Ziggy (Summertime x Jet)

Max (Summertime x Hudson)

Beau (Poppy x Jet)

Phoebe (Summertime x Hudson)

Beau (Poppy x Jet)

Medium size Australian labradoodle

Frankie (Phoebe x Mojo) & Murphy (Poppy x Jet)

Black Australian Labradoodle

Andy (Poppy x Jet)

WALA Breeder in Illinois

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