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Families often ask us what to buy before your new family member comes home.  This is an important question because you want to be prepared and you don’t want to waste money on products that aren’t right or that set your training back while you troubleshoot what works best.  There are a LOT of products out there, and we are constantly testing them out to be sure we are personally using and recommending the best choices available.  These are the products that are currently our favorites!

99% of our recommendations can be found on our Amazon storefront… our other favorites will be linked right below

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We believe that Life’s Abundance Food and Products provide the optimum nutritional benefits to best ensure good health and longevity for our puppies and dogs. We so strongly believe that optimal nutrition plays an integral role in the short and long-term health of our dogs and puppies that we offer our Best Life Labradoodle families a one-year extension of their health guarantee, for a total of three years, just by feeding your dog Life’s Abundance food.

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Our recommendation for your first Life’s Abundance order:

  • Two Life’s Abundance Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe Bag of Dog Food (Red bag). Order two because you want a backup bag on your shelf since it can’t be picked up at the store if you run out accidentally. Set your auto-ship to one bag though if you prefer. Click the “How Much Do I Need?” button under the photo of the dog food bag to help calculate your auto-ship quantity and frequency. Larger bags are more cost effective and less frequent orders save on shipping costs.
  • One 60-tablet bottle of Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement
  • Two bags of the Turkey and Berry Chewies or Tasty Rewards Treats. They are easy to break into small pieces for maximum rewards (It’s a good idea to have a variety so that treats stay very motivating!) 
  • One 6-inch Buffalo Bully Sticks
  • One 4-ounce bottle of Ear Care Formula
  • One 12-ounce bottle of Revitalizing Shampoo
  • One 32 oz Biodeodorizer Spray
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WALA Breeder in Illinois
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