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We’re here to help you select a puppy that is the perfect fit for you or your family! We sell both 8 week old puppies and older trained puppies. Our most recent litters are featured below, but be sure to check out the list of all upcoming litters at the bottom of this page or click on the trained dogs page to view our puppies in training! Please complete an application so we can connect via email, text, or phone! Our brief application does not require a deposit and helps us identify the litter with the size, color, gender, and temperament that will be the best fit for your family. We look forward to working with you!

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As an educated and responsible buyer you can visit the American Australian Labradoodles Association website to verify that Best Life Labradoodles is a PLATINUM breeder as awarded by the ALAA. This level of award is the highest achievement and is based on extensive health testing of our parents among other factors. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA Profiled and evidence of such has been submitted to the ALAA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification. We are proud to be an ALAA/DNA evidenced breeder.

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Remi and Jet Puppies: Due July 13th (Going Home or Starting Training early September)

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Remi is due on July 12th. The puppies will Go Home or Start Training at 8 weeks of age, which will be around in early September. (Visit the trained dogs page and click on the green button for training option information if interested.) Remi is a SNUGGLER! The only thing she loves more than her people is a great game of fetch or tug. She also thoroughly enjoys grooming and a good spa day! Smart? Oh yes! Remi’s attention to task is “next level” and she’s always up to learn a new skill or trick. Her puppies will be sure to be easy to train and attentive to their owners.  Jet is athletic and fun but can also be sweet and lazy on a rainy day. He is incredibly intuitive and he follows his owner’s lead finding peace in whatever the day brings. Jet is honestly perfect. His coat and his personality are a literal dream come true. He is soft as silk and everyone who meets Jet falls instantly in love with his sweet and easy-going personality. You just cannot take your eyes off of him when he is around!  Jet is a proven stud and father to many of our Best Life labradoodle puppies and we are very happy to say that he passes his amazing temperament along to his pups with great reliability! Jet is 30 pounds but has larger dogs in his bloodlines and will therefore sometimes produce a puppy that will grow larger in size. We can predict the pups that may grow larger than Dad based on their birth weight.  We should see red (which could display as cream, apricot, or red) in this litter. Some will have white spots. We are expecting these puppies to mature between 20-30 pounds. We will be able to predict size with fairly good accuracy once they arrive. 

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Caramel Australian labradoodle


mother to this future litter

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Tilly and Mojo Puppies: Due August 28th (Going Home or Starting Training late October)

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Tilly is Best Life’s “cover model” from the homepage of our website because of her show-stopping good looks. She literally stops traffic everywhere she goes as people constantly ask us what breed she is and how they can get a Tilly for their family. Tilly is your all-around go anywhere kind of gal. She travels with us wherever we go, runs errands daily, is very fun and adventurous in the pool and is Janis’ personal shadow as she follows her around the house. She’s simply a dream come true. 

Father Mojo is a 16 pound 15″ tall at the shoulder boy that can be described with no better word than JOY! We don’t think there is a dog on the planet that is so expressive in communicating that he adores you… and by you…we mean every single person he comes in contact with. Everyone instantly falls in love with Mojo. His coat is guaranteed to be the softest thing you have ever felt and his love of ear rubs makes him melt in your hands. He small and cute but not too small…  he’s a go anywhere and do anything kind of guy.

Tilly is at the large end of the mini-size Australian Labradoodle range at 28 pounds and Mojo is a true mini at 15 pounds. Together they produce puppies in the mini range (between 15-30 pounds). We will be able to better predict the future size of each puppy after they arrive. 

Please complete an application to inquire about these puppies or one of our other upcoming litters!

Tilly Australian Labradoodle


mother to this future litter

Additional Upcoming Litters

  • It’s never too early to join our reservation list! Complete an application and submit a $200 deposit to hold your spot for an early selection when the litter of your choice becomes available.

  • We hope to send home puppies from Poppy, Phoebe, Birkin, and/or Everleigh this Fall and/or Winter. It’s a great idea to submit a deposit now if this is a good timeline for you to bring home a puppy.  An earlier deposit will hold an earlier position in selection order and will allow you to be immediately notified when we have a confirmed pregnancy! 

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WALA Breeder in Illinois
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