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Best Life Friends with “Phoebe” and Australian Heritage All the Good “Mojo” have been mated and can go home shortly after Christmas!

This will be Phoebe and Mojo’s second litter together. Phoebe is a 30 pound 16″ tall at the shoulder and a ball of snuggly fun! She loves to play fetch, thoroughly enjoys rides in the car, and is the life of the party when playing with other dogs. Everyone just LOVES her bouncy walk! Most notable about Phoebe though is her love of snuggles. This girl would spend half of the day on your lap if she could. Mojo is a 16 pound 15″ tall at the shoulder boy that can be described with no better word than JOY! We don’t think there is a dog on the planet that is so expressive in communicating that he adores you… and by you…we mean every single person he comes in contact with. Everyone instantly falls in love with Mojo. His coat is guaranteed to be the softest thing you have ever felt and his love of ear rubs makes him melt in your hands. He is small and cute but not too small…  he’s a go anywhere and do anything kind of guy.

Phoebe and Mojo’s previous litter brought us a literal rainbow of puppy coats! Phoebe is at the large end of the mini-size Australian Labradoodle range and Mojo is a true mini. We are estimating that together they will produce puppies in the mini range (between 20-30 pounds).  Their litter could include parti or solid colors of chocolate, apricot, red, or caramel. Coats will be a loose-wavy curl and will be very low maintenance!

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Riverbend I Got the Moves “Jagger” and Riverbend Cheerful Poppy “River” Puppies can go home shortly after Christmas! 

A Very Exciting Collaboration is Coming! Riverbend Labradoodles and Best Life Labradoodles will be working together to present a VERY special litter! Riverbend Cheerful Poppy “River,” owned by Riverbend Labradoodles and leased for this single collaboration opportunity, has been mated with Riverbend I Got the Moves “Jagger” for the purpose of expanding our Best Life Labradoodle bloodlines. We are over the moon excitedly anticipating the opportunity to hold back a potential future breeder from this litter.  
Riverbend Labradoodle
Riverbend Labraoodles

We are SO excited about this litter! These parents have been mated previously and the owners of those puppies are SO happy with their dog’s temperaments, health, and great looks.  So happy in fact that we HAD to get in on this pairing so that we could hold back a puppy to expand our Best Life Labradoodles bloodlines with more TOP NOTCH parents. Our win is your win because these parents produce very consistent pups and we expect nothing but the best pups from the entire litter! 

Does Jaggers look familiar? He’s the spitting image of our Poppy is he not? Of course he does because they have the same parents! Does he also look a lot like our super healthy therapy dog with an amazing coat and tail…our old boy Bauer who first made us fall in love with the Australian Labradoodle? Yes he does, because they have the same amazing Father! We KNOW this coat and this temperament and we adore the combination! And Mom? Ms River has the same parents that we bred previously with Riverbend that yielded pups that are absolutely cherished by their current families today.  They are so cherished that those families have already come back to us asking if we will mate those parents again. We KNOW this Momma’s bloodlines too! To say we have HIGH expectations from this litter would be an understatement. Their puppies are so highly sought after that one of their previous pups is now a breeder in the Czech Republic.  This litter will turn heads and melt hearts for sure! 

Their expected weights will be 30-35 pounds, putting them in the not-too-big and not-too-small “Medium” size Australian Labradoodle category. We will see all chocolate puppies from this litter and possibly some chocolate parti coats (more than 50% white with chocolate spots). Eye colors should be GORGEOUS! Coats will be fleece and should be very easy to maintain (our Bauer never sees a brush and has the most gorgeous tail you’ve ever seen)! 

Please complete an application to be added to our interest list or to deposit and reserve a pup from one of our upcoming litters.  These puppies can be reserved to go home at 8 weeks untrained or later with training (your choice)! Delivery out of state is available. 

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