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Dog food is the MOST critical purchase you will make for your puppy.  Just like humans, a puppy or dog’s health AND BEHAVIOR will be largely impacted by what they eat! You know the phrase…”You are what you eat” right? Imagine how healthy we would all be if our all of our meals and snacks provided perfect nutrition. You can offer great health and great behavior that allows your dog to be well-liked and appreciated if you make the right choices in dog nutrition. 

We endorse and represent Life’s Abundance for all of your pup’s nutritional needs. Their safe and reliable processes offer the best quality nutrition. Buying your dog’s food from Life’s Abundance ensures quality of ingredients and a protected formula for the specific nutrition needed at each stage of your dog’s life.  Healthy food, treats, chews, supplements and more can be auto-shipped and delivered right to your door! If you are considering another brand, examine ingredients carefully and use the nutritional information and quality assurance processes for Life’s Abundance products as your standard. Products that offer less will not provide the same opportunity for great health and behavior. 

Why Life’s Abundance? Simply put, we have seen the difference that this high quality food can make. Our dog Reggie, was fed a reputable “high quality” brand of dog food since birth. We spared no expense and purchased exactly what our veteranarian (at the time) recommended. By the time Reggie was eight years old, he was on an arthritis medication, an allergy medication, and a medication to support his liver. We were taking him to the vet for regular bloodwork to monitor these conditions and the impact of those medications. The cost to support his health was high and we worried he wouldn’t live a long healthy life. At the recommendation of a reputable breeder, we made the switch to Life’s Abundance. NINE year old Reggie currently requires NO medication and lives a VERY active lifestyle and his BEST LIFE! We are also happy to say that the cost of medication management vet visits, labwork, and medications has been eliminated. We trust Life’s Abundance and their process to guard the ingredients in their formula through testing, to ensure their sources have not compromised or reduced their standards. The other reason why we stick with Life’s Abundance food and treats is because our dogs LOVE it and we love the smell of Life’s Abundance shampoo during snugggle time!

John and Janis Bautz are proud to be Life’s Abundance Independent Field Representatives

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WALA Breeder in Illinois
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