What is an Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle, often trained and certified for service and therapy work, is not to be confused with the Aussie-Doodle, Labradoodle, Double Doodle or any other recently named breeding combination. The breed was originally intentionally developed in Australia, over 30 years ago, as a hypoallergenic service dog. Through the careful selection of what was originally not two, but six breeds, each offering specific highly valued inherited traits, the original dream-dogs were born. The careful combination and infusion of these individually cherished breeds resulted in a highly coveted soft and non-oily coat, a reliable and flexible temperament, and great health for a happy, long life. Bred to be a companion animal, the Australian Labradoodle is highly intuitive and adaptable to any lifestyle with a strong likelihood of displaying therapy and service dog capabilities. While most doodle mixes have been bred for 1-3 generations, the long list of desirable traits held by the Australian Labradoodle has been responsibly maintained and improved upon for multiple generations. Oh, and did I mention they are always great-looking head-turners too?

Australian Labradoodle breeders prioritize choices that support great health. The integrity of the breeding selection process allows this breed to stand out from other variant breeds that were more recently developed by cross-breeding the poodle with others. As poodle-mix dog combinations have understandably grown in popularity due to interest in a non-shedding pet, inconsistencies have developed. Non-regulated breeding without extensive testing or attention to important actions that reduce health risks can pose safety risks and unnecessary stress for families with a difficult to manage dog in the home.

Australian Labradoodle breeding is responsibly managed by members of the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) and the American Australian Labradoodle Association (AALA). Accredited breeder members of WALA  and AALA must adhere to rules and guidelines that are designed to protect the health and behavior of what we believe are the best dogs on the planet. WALA and AALA accreditations are reviewed and renewed annually, as reflected on the expiration date of each member’s WALA and AALA logos for ongoing accountability. WALA and AALA members must adhere to bylaws as well as a code of ethics. They also receive extensive support, education, and resources to further ensure the integrity of the breed. Best Life Labradoodles is proud to have achieved the highest available rankings from both WALA and ALAA! 

This is not your standard doodle-mix, this is the esteemed Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle. This is a breed that reliably allows owners to expect great health, outstanding temperament, and a loyal family member that will be admired by all. Congratulations on taking this first step toward living your best life with the best dog you have ever owned and your new best friend!

How big is an Australian Labradoodle?

How big is an Australian Labradoodle? Keep in mind there is a range for each size. Also, considering weight alone can be misleading. An Australian Labradoodle can look as big as a Labrador Retriever but may actually weigh considerably less due to their “floof!” They are very light on their feet and if well-trained, can be easily managed at any size. Click on the YouTube link below to watch our short video on Australian Labradoodle sizes.
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