Our training and boarding facility is located at our 30 acre ranch in Peotone, IL and our home is in Mokena, IL. Both are a short 45 minute drive from Chicago. We can also deliver. Virtual training and nutrition consultation via Zoom conference call is also available.

We believe or dogs deserve their own BEST LIFE, so our lucky dogs get to enjoy both properties. We enjoy allowing them the opportunity to train and exercise at the ranch as well as the pleasure of snuggling up by the fire or swimming in the pool in the backyard of our home. Our dogs are exposed to various experiences and lead very normal happy lives. We are dedicated to ensuring that they are kept in the BEST of health at all times and that they are both intellectually stimulated and physically exercised every day. Our personal dogs as well as those who stay with us for extended training are truly living their best lives with us every single day. 

We Deliver

Through meticulous attention to quality breeding, health, and training, we DO deliver…the Best in Australian Labradoodle puppies and the Best in Australian Labradoodle Trained Dogs! We also ACTUALLY deliver anywhere within the United States! 

We can arrange for pickup or delivery directly to your door. Delivery rates vary per destination. Please inquire for more information about delivery to any state in the US. Typical cost is $500 + travel expenses. 

We have Best Life pups in:

Chicago, IL

Mokena, IL

New Lenox, IL

Frankfort, IL

New York, NY

Boston, MA

Milwaukee, WI

Scotsdale, AZ

Laguna, CA

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